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I am a: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 26
Cultural: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Build: Slim
Profession: Receptionist
Leisure Time: Zumba
Alcohol: Weekend Alcoholic
Smoking: Nope
Online Since: 7 months

About me:

Hey sexy! Love that you take time to read what I have to say. Or are you just staring at my picture and jerking? IN the latter case please move on ’cause you are not the type that I’m looking for. I’m looking for a real man that is past masturbation and is solely into have good sex and knowing how to please a woman in the bedroom! My last couple of lovers were terrible and I don’t even dare risk to start a new relationship to find out that he has the libido of a grandpa so sure not for me! I am looking for a sexy guy that knows what that thing between his legs is for except pissing!