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I am a: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 18
Cultural: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Build: Slim
Profession: Student
Leisure Time: Gaming
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes

About me:

So, my stepmom recently caught me playing with my BFF. She walked right in on me going down on her and she lost her mind. She started crying and telling me that all girls desire each other but that I was supposed to suppress it so I can live a proper life with a man. Now she's making me find an older guy here to take my virginity and fix me from being a lesbian. She's going to watch us so she can be sure that you penetrate me and break my hymen. She also wants you to ejaculate inside my fertile womb in the hopes that you get me pregnant so I never think about girls ever again. I hope that's okay.