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I am a: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 33
Cultural: Caucasian
Hair: Brunette
Build: Busty
Profession: Cabin Crew
Leisure Time: Anime
Alcohol: Hell Yes
Smoking: Yeah
Online Since: 9 months

About me:

I'm the kind of girl that wants to try everything at least once. So I decided to be here and try finding sex through online dating. I don't want to say no to anything! Offer me a trip out of the city, state, or country I'll say yes… as long as I am following my own rules I don't change, I only learn. I do what's right for me and what I want right now is my pussy to be pounded by a hard girthy cock owned by a hot muscular, fit, and strong stud. Anyone here? Send me pics that will be your interview. If you pass, then prepare yourself (and your cock) for one hell of a loooong, delicious, mind blowing SEX!