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I am a: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 29
Leisure Time:
Online Since: 9 years

About me:

Would you like to wake up to these babies?? 🙂
Well my ex didn't apparently cause I broke up with my him (long time bf) cuz he could no longer keep up with me sexually.
It really is too bad cuz we had plans of getting hitched and all that. But I am the kind of gal who will not settle for anything less than the best. I think I deserve it. I still want to be sexually active and do a whole bunch of crazy stuff in the bedroom (or kitchen or living :).
But he became a conservative guy all of a sudden, sex was not important anymore while he was only 35!!
Theres no way that Ill stick to that kind of man!
So I was thinking maybe it is better to find a man know who thinks sex is very important and will always remain important.. What better place to do so then here?
So I will assume by now that you know that I have a high sex drive and you must be ablo to match that. Furthermore I want a man that looks after himself, takes care of his body and mind. Should be really open minded about trying new sexual things. And you should definitely LOVE going down on a gal.

Do you think that you fit right into that category?? Well maybe you will wake up next to these babies soon 🙂